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Norwegian Pronunciation

Norwegian pronunciation is much more regular than English pronunciation. In addition, there is much more agreement between the spelling of Norwegian words and their pronunciation. Therefore, after a bit of study of the Norwegian phonemes and their sounds, it should be relatively easy to manage the pronunciation of most Norwegian words.

Click on the Norwegian words to hear them spoken by a native speaker. Only those English words marked with an asterisk can be said to contain sounds precisely equivalent to the Norwegian sounds. Other rules of pronunciation can be found at the end of this document.

Norwegian Phoneme Pronunciation Guide

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Sound International Phonetic
Alphabet Symbol
Norwegian Example English Translation English Example
Short A natt night cotton
Long A rar strange bar*
A-I Diphthong hai shark high
A-U Diphthong tau rope mouse
B by city bee*
D du you do*
Short E menn men men*
Weak E lettes is relieved lettuce
Long E tre tree, three tray
E-I Diphthong nei no nigh
F fire four fear*
G gal crazy gall*
H hatt hat hot*
Short I titt peek tit
Long I bi bee bee*
J ja yes yarn*
K kaffe coffee cough*
K-J Diphthong kjønn gender huge, ich (German)
L lys light least
M min my mean*
N ni nine knee*
N-G Diphthong fang lap song*
Short O godt good look
Long O to two tow
O-I Diphthong koie shelter coy
P purre leek purr*
R råd advice road
S syv seven sea*
S-J Diphthong sjø lake shoe*
T tusen thousand tame*
Short U gutt boy foot
Long U ku cow coo
U-I Diphthong uimotståelig irresistible gooey
V vits joke valor*
Short Y mygg mosquito big
Long Y ny new knee
Short lærd educated lattice
Long tær toes tap
Short trøtt tired trust
Long kø line, queue blood
-Y Diphthong gøy fun buoy
Short grått grey lot
Long båt boat boat

Rules for Pronunciation

Page created by Sarah Brodwall.
Sounds spoken by Arne Kjell Foldvik, native of Larvik i Vestfold, Norway.
Sound editing by Jørn Almberg, NTNU, Trondheim, Norway.

Last updated March 26, 2001

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